Venture capital for business development

When a company is in a rapid growth stage, additional financial liabilities can create a burden on the development plans and even make the business spend all incoming cash flow on covering monthly payments. In order to avoid financial liabilities and keep control over the business, venture capital can be a convenient tool to reach the desired development goals.
Initially, it might seem that venture capital endangers the owner’s position in the company by transferring the shares and voting rights to venture capital investors. However, venture capital investors usually own a minority part of the company’s capital, that way the decisions are still made by the founders.
The well-known Latvian startup Aerones, which provides wind turbine maintenance, has also used Capitalia venture capital financing. Aerones is the industry leader in the world, and it cooperates with such companies as Siemens Gamesa, Enel, GE and Vesta, maintaining wind turbine operations in 17 countries. With the help of Capitalia’s raised EUR 1.4 million and financial consultations, the company quickens its growth and plans to tenfold increase its turnover in a year’s time.
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