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Getting started with Capitalia

Useful information for a comfortable start!

Investment Wallets

In order to invest in loans published on Capitalia platform investors must hold an Investment Wallet, which is usually created within 48 hours after finishing the registration. The Investment Wallet is your safe dedicated payment account that you can use to store money for investing on Capitalia platform, receive project repayments and withdraw cash to your standard bank account when needed.

How to invest under high inflation conditions?

Recently inflation has become the most relevant economic issue of the world. Last December the inflation level in Latvia reached a record-high level of 7.9%. Such an inflation increase is the consequence of both the large money amount that has been introduced in the economy to fight with the impacts of the pandemic, and the global delivery delays. In circumstances when money quickly loses it value, it is important to act so that the investment returns grow at least at the inflation rate.

Capitalia creates a new alternative investment fund

Capitalia has created a new alternative investment fund, which allows private investors to invest in the leading Baltic venture capital fund Change Ventures. The total investment amount of the fund is 1 million EUR.

Investing in loans to Baltic businesses

Lately, the pandemic’s negative economic aftermath of inflation has become increasingly relevant. For example, in December 2021, inflation in Latvia reached a record-high level of 7.9%. It is important that, under the circumstances when cash swiftly loses its value, it works, not sits in the deposit or savings account. Money can work proactively either by investing in companies (purchasing shares) or lending to the companies.

Capitalia has opened its platform for all interested investor registrations

Capitalia business loans co-financing platform (P2B) has been operating since the end of 2017 financing projects with a closed network of investors. Starting from 2022, Capitalia has made a decision to open its platform for all interested investors.