Complaint handling

Last modified: Jan 4, 2024

The submission of complaints

The Project owner or Investor can submit the complaint via submitting a filled-in complaint form available on the Capitalia website to, calling to the office phone, paying a visit to Capitalia’s office, or sending an email to the Capitalia specialist who has been managing the client. The complaint can be submitted in any language understandable to the complainant in which the Key investment information sheet is available. The complaint must include:

The Project owners and Investors can submit complaints about Capitalia’s services free of charge. Capitalia reviews and handles the submitted complaints free of charge as well.

If the complaint concerns Capitalia services and is submitted in the required format, but lacks some information or evidence from the complainant, Capitalia will request this information from the complainant to provide a specific answer to the complaint.

The complaint handling

No later than in 5 working days after receiving the complaint, Capitalia sends the complainant a notification that the complaint is received and that an answer will be provided within 30 days after receiving the complaint. The notification will also include the contact details of the person responsible for solving the complaint.

Capitalia will aim to resolve all complaints within 30 days. If Capitalia cannot provide an answer in 30 days’ time due to objective reasons, Capitalia has the right to extend the answering term by informing the complaint applicant about the extension and the reasons for it. The total answering term cannot exceed 60 days from the submission of the complaint.

The answer will be sent to the complainant as an e-mail to the address provided by the complainant in the complaint or in written form, if so requested in the complaint. The response includes the decision rationale and, if applicable, alternatives where the complaint can be taken up.