Expert advice for building Investment portfolios

Helping clients to create tailored investment portfolios for passive income, wealth appreciation, and retirement with a mix of traditional and alternative investment products
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Our advantages

Spectrum of products

As experienced experts in alternative finance, we can offer investors guided access to both alternative and traditional financial instruments

Tailored advice

For each investor, an individual investment strategy is developed based on their experience, goals, and investment horizon

Highly accessible

With simple and goal-oriented pricing, professional investment advisory is broadly accessible to everyone

Investment products

By signing up for our investment advisory service, clients gain access to an individual investment advisor that will help to develop the investor’s investment strategy, provide investment advice, seek and source lending opportunities in the following categories:


Loans to businesses either through direct deals, investment platforms, or alternative investment funds


Investments in closed or public bond issues through primary placements or secondary market purchases


Investments in the equity capital of companies through capital markets, investment funds, buyout syndicates, and venture capital deals

Index funds

Creation of tailored investment portfolio of carefully selected index funds that are well-aligned with the prevailing global tendencies

Our pricing approach

We offer tailored investment advisory services to any investor with no minimum investment requirements for
a fixed monthly fee of EUR 99

This includes the creation of an investment strategy, regular review of its implementation, tailored investment offers, premium access to investment products distributed by Capitalia, and quarterly reports on the performance of products offered by Capitalia. For new clients, we offer 3 months of free trial to test the provided services. For a separate fee, we are happy to provide investment analysis and recommendations on any investment products brought forward by the client.

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The service will be available soon!

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