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A simple and accessible way how to purchase heavy machinery and industrial equipment to grow your business
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Use leasing for

Leasing and reverse leasing allows businesses to gain access to the equipment necessary for business growth. This financing is suitable for situations when traditional banking products are not available or suitable. Use leasing to:

  • Purchase heavy machinery
  • Acquire manufacturing equipment
  • Replace damaged equipment
  • Free up capital tied in your equipment

Our offer

Obtain leasing or reverse leasing on the following principal terms:

Financing amount

From 10,000 up to 500,000 EUR


From 12 to 36 months


Overpayment rates from 6%*


Assistance in finding the best insurance terms

Assets for lease

Heavy machinery and standard industrial equipment


In accordance with our Pricelist

* Lowest interest costs are provided to companies with the most stable cash flows and lowest risk. Overpayment is the sum of all loan repayments in the schedule over the issued financing amount. Our annual interest rate is in the range of 8 - 20%.

50 000 EUR

Average issued leasing amount


Of our clients use our financing repeatedly

24 months

Average term for the leasing financing

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Learn more about the financing possibilities by reading frequently asked questions.
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