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How to mitigate risks on accounts receivable?

During the last few months with the geographically close war activities and price increases, companies ofter find themselves in financial difficulties which cause payment delays. Before starting cooperation with a new business partner, it is important to verify that the client will pay on time. How to avoid potentially late debtors?

RCG Lighthouse share buyout with Capitalia

Capitalia as a financier participated in RCG Lighthouse, SIA, share buyout. With the help of Capitalia financing, the founders and managers of the company bought 49% of shares that belonged to a venture capital fund.

Capitalia advises owners of pan-Baltic software distributor on sale to a strategic investor

In January 6, 2022 pan-Baltic cloud software distribution company TVG was acquired by USA-based distributor Pax8. Capitalia acted as sole financial advisor to the owners of TVG in the business sale and search of the strategic investor.