Venture capital to accelerate business growth

Long-term financing for businesses to finance investments and other development projects, as well as for acquiring other businesses and arranging buy-outs
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Use venture capital to

Venture capital investments are suitable for businesses that want to grow their businesses rapidly. This investment in equity of the company allows businesses to attract further bank and state support financing. Use venture capital to:

  • Expand manufacturing capacity
  • Enter new market
  • Buy out competitor
  • Buy out other shareholders

Principal terms

Acquire financing on the following principal terms:

Financing amount

from 100 000 to 500 000 EUR


Typically from 3 to 5 years

Shares in the company

Typically from 10-49%*

Repayment of financing

Sale of the business together with the founders

Documents for evaluation

Depending on each specific case


In accordance with our Pricelist

* The extent of the investor shares in the company depends upon the company’s growth stage, founders and other investors invested amount of capital as well as other factors

Our experience

Capitalia has made investments in the following companies:
Leading work advertisement aggregator in Latvia
Property visualisation (photo and virtual tours) solution provider to real estate industry professionals
Fast growing pension fund manager in Latvia that invests only in index and ETF funds
Professional investment company that purchases and manages loan portfolios from alternative lenders
Education technology company providing feedback surveys and tools for schools and universities

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