Auto-invest tutorial

The automatic investment function allows investing a pre-determined investment amount in loan projects based on stipulated risk, geography, and term preferences. Investors can create their own automatic investment algorithm or use our offered drafts. Using Auto-invest ensures that you do not miss great opportunities as the most attractive projects often get funded as quickly as 15 minutes.

The first step is to access the Auto-invest area. You need to login into your profile and then in the top right corner menu select the Auto-invest item as shown below:

In order to start, you are offered to either choose one of the predefined strategies by Capitalia or create your own customized strategy. 


Important to note, that choosing a strategy sets automatic parameters for portfolio distribution depending on the risk categories.

All other settings such as Countries, Term, and, if wanted a minimum interest rate, can be adjusted manually both in Customized strategy and in Capitalia offered strategies.

The essential part of any Auto-invest strategy is choosing the total investment amount (Investment amount field) that you want to make with this strategy. As well as choosing the investment amount per single project (Investment in one project). With these two settings, you are able to choose the level of diversification as well. We recommend investing at least in 10 different projects, however, the more projects you invest in the more diversified your portfolio will be, meaning that any single project delay or loss will not have a significant impact on overall portfolio performance.

The final step is to Activate and Save your strategy as shown below:

Once you Activate and Save your strategy it will be running until you either turn it off or until all wanted Investment amount is invested by this strategy. 

For auto-investment projects, you will receive the same draw-down notices in your email with the information required for payment. Important to note, that you can review the project selected by auto-invest and in case you prefer to skip it for any reason - you are able to cancel such investment yourself under the My loans section of your profile:

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