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The benefits of diversification

With this article we would like to bring your attention to the benefits of diversification. Remember that lending to businesses comes at a risk of not receiving back a partial or even full amount lent. The best approach to minimize this risk is to invest continuously and aim to spread your investments both over time and over a number of projects.

Secondary market

On the Secondary market, investors can find well performing loans for sale, where Capitalia invested a larger amount than our minimum commitment as indicated in each project's description. Please note that only loans that are on time with their payments and have not been restructured are offered on the secondary market and the seller is always only Capitalia. Bellow, we provide a more detailed explanation of how the secondary market works.

Auto-invest tutorial

The Automatic investment function allows investing a pre-determined investment amount in loan projects based on stipulated risk, geography, and term preferences. Investors can create their own automatic investment algorithm or use our offered drafts. Using Auto-invest ensures that you do not miss great opportunities as the most attractive projects often get funded as quickly as 15 minutes.