Pay your invoices later get money faster

Simple and modern alternative to factoring that allows to receive money for the issued invoices faster, while paying for your invoices later
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Use invoice purchasing to

Invoice purchasing allows businesses to sell issued invoices. As a result, you will receive money for the provided service or sold goods instantly, not waiting for long invoice due dates. Use our invoice purchasing to:

  • Free up working capital
  • Offer to suppliers longer payment days
  • Pay faster to your suppliers
  • Pay your invoices later

Our offer

Acquire financing on the following principal terms:

Financing amount

Limits of up to EUR 200,000


For invoices from 15 to 90 days


Total service charge from 1.5% for each 30 days*

Amount of purchase

Sell up to 100% of the invoice amount

Evaluation documents

Balance sheet and bank statement

* Lowest charges are provided to companies with the most stable cash flows and highest risk scoring. Average monthly charge for each 30 days of financing (as of July 31, 2020) is 1.5%.


We are buying over 100 invoices every week


Of our clients use this financing again

45 days

For this amount of days we on average speed up invoice payments

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Learn more about the financing possibilities by reading frequently asked questions.
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