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Investment Wallets

In order to invest in loans published on Capitalia platform investors must hold an Investment Wallet, which is usually created within 48 hours after finishing the registration. The Investment Wallet is your safe dedicated payment account that you can use to store money for investing on Capitalia platform, receive project repayments and withdraw cash to your standard bank account when needed.

Capitalia Co-Investment Fund invests in freelancer-tech platform Xolo

Summer has ended with another great investment for Capitalia Co-Investment Fund - the fund has concluded an investment deal with an Estonian startup Xolo OÜ in the amount of EUR 150,000. The lead investor for this investment round was Karma Ventures and this is the 10th investment for Capitalia’s Co-Investment Fund which was founded in autumn of 2021.

Working capital financing for a wholesale company

For wholesale and retail companies, it is significantly important to keep high levels of inventory to meet the clients’ demands. In order to increase the turnover, Capitalia working capital financing can be a useful tool for purchasing more goods for sale.

How can you make others’ anxiety and financial cautiousness work in your company’s favour

The surrounding anxiety and suspense about the potentially upcoming crisis can quite easily initiate a stressful environment for any company. Fear of increasing invoice expenses, inflation, and the war nearby make the investors act more cautiously when planning next year’s budget and expansion plans. However, the probability of a crisis, if the company is well-prepared, is also an opportunity. There are numerous options for how a company can use additional financing to prepare for a more stable future.

Capitalia provides venture capital investments to a gamification marketing company

Capitalia invests EUR 150,000 in a Danish start-up Scratcher together with a Finnish venture capital fund Innovestor. is a marketing company, which uses gamification elements to turn the industry upside down.

Capitalia Co-Investment Fund invests in a Lithuanian startup Aispeco

Capitalia invests EUR 150,000 in a Lithuanian startup Aispeco in its seed financing round led by a Finnish venture capital fund Superhero Capital.

Financing for real estate development and building restoration

One of the leading real estate developers in Liepāja, Lion Estate, SIA, actively takes part in improving and renovating apartment houses in Liepāja. In order to realize numerous projects simultaneously, the company used Capitalia financing for settlements with suppliers and for material purchase.

Capitalia finances an apartment building construction in Valmiera region

With the constantly increasing material costs, construction companies and real estate developers are interested in finishing their projects sooner for lower costs. Sometimes the process can be sped up with additional financing.

Forestry and logging industries seek financing – how can private investors access these investment opportunities?

Turbulent economic events tend to highlight the most stable industries which most successfully survive economic fluctuations. In the last two years, it can be seen that forestry is a stable value – it is an attractive industry both for the lenders and investors.

How to prepare for changing market conditions

During recent years, the business environment has experienced various disruptions, where the difficulties caused by the pandemic are shifted into rapid energy and material price increases. Changing market conditions require careful planning and preventive actions in order to mitigate potential negative impacts. Although it is impossible to predict the future, there are numerous actions the entrepreneur can take to adapt to the changes in the business environment.

Venture capital for business development

When a company is in a rapid growth stage, additional financial liabilities can create a burden on the development plans and even make the business spend all incoming cash flow on covering monthly payments. In order to avoid financial liabilities and keep control over the business, venture capital can be a convenient tool to reach the desired development goals.

Capitalia co-finances the purchase of new machinery for an experienced event inventory rental company

Event Center is one of the leading event machinery and equipment rental company in Estonia. The company provides stage and fencing constructions and sound, light and video equipment for various concerts, seminars, sports, culture, and other events.

Capitalia helps to expand one of the leading media companies in Latvia

Visual Media SIA is one of the market leaders in the media industry – the company places large format advertising posters in Riga, and also sells the slots to marketing agencies. At the moment, the company has 30 advertising slots.

Aerones attracts investments in the amount of USD 9 million

Latvian startup Aerones attracted seed investment of USD 9 million to develop robotic services for wind energy operators in the whole world.

Capitalia helps expanding a well-known sea kayak manufacturer

Ceranos Invest, OU, is a well-known sea kayak manufacturer operating under brandname Seabird Designs. This spring Capitalia was proud to help the company execute its ambitious expansion plans.

How to mitigate risks on accounts receivable?

During the last few months with the geographically close war activities and price increases, companies ofter find themselves in financial difficulties which cause payment delays. Before starting cooperation with a new business partner, it is important to verify that the client will pay on time. How to avoid potentially late debtors?

Machinery leasing financing for forestry companies

After the long months of winter and rain, the arrival of warm weather also starts the active season of forestry companies. In order to work faster, numerous forestry companies purchase new and slightly used forestry machinery and trucks, but not all companies have enough funds to purchase machinery.

RCG Lighthouse share buyout with Capitalia

Capitalia as a financier participated in RCG Lighthouse, SIA, share buyout. With the help of Capitalia financing, the founders and managers of the company bought 49% of shares that belonged to a venture capital fund.

Capitalia invests in Swedish start-up Favro, marking the first investment outside the Baltic States

Capitalia invests EUR 300,000 in a Swedish startup Favro and joins a group of investors in the SEED round led by Practica Capital. Favro is a work platform for collaborative planning that has attracted significant traction from leading companies around the world.

Capitalia becomes the first Latvian fund that has invested in Estonian unicorn Bolt

In May 2022, Capitalia investment fund Co-Investment Fund purchased shares of Estonian unicorn Bolt in the total amount of EUR 300,000, that way becoming the first fund in Latvia to invest in this company.

Investing in loans to Baltic businesses

Lately, the pandemic’s negative economic aftermath of inflation has become increasingly relevant. For example, in December 2021, inflation in Latvia reached a record-high level of 7.9%. It is important that, under the circumstances when cash swiftly loses its value, it works, not sits in the deposit or savings account. Money can work proactively either by investing in companies (purchasing shares) or lending to the companies.

Capitalia doubles its financing portfolio in 2021 and launches two alternative investment funds

Last year, Capitalia issued more than 20 million euros of debt financing to more than 200 businesses in the Baltic States. For the third year in a row, more than half of funding was allocated to Latvian companies, while Lithuania and Estonia share the remaining part equally. To increase the attraction of funding for companies in the Baltic states, Capitalia has launched two alternative investment funds and made its first venture capital investments.

Capitalia rewards ESG compliant companies with better interest rates

Capitalia encourages companies to think about and implement good environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) standards. That is why already since 2018 ESG factors have been important components of Capitalia’s scoring and pricing for financing small and medium businesses in the Baltic countries

Why is it worth investing in Baltic Stock Exchange?

Until March 2020, my investing experience was concentrated in index instruments (ETFs) or in rare experiments in foreign shares. During the pandemic, I decided to pay more attention to what is happening in the Baltic Stock Exchange. Similarly to other investors I know, I was buried in prejudice that our stock exchange is illiquid and that it does not have many well-managed enterprises. However, that is not the case. Therefore, how and why invest in the Baltic Stock Exchange securities?

Capitalia is expanding its product offering to include leasing of heavy machinery and equipment

Capitalia is expanding its product offering to include leasing of heavy machinery and equipment to agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial sector companies. We aim to continue to complement the products offered by the traditional banks and our addition of leasing provides another useful tool for businesses to fund expansion and operations.

Capitalia expands its operations and becomes an alternative investment fund management

Capitalia expands its operations in the investment field by becoming an alternative investment fund management.

20 million of growth capital for businesses in the Baltic countries

Year 2019 has been a dynamic one for Capitalia. We have issued a new record of EUR 20 million of loan and venture capital financing to small and medium businesses in the Baltic States. In addition, we have been the first alternative financing provider in the region to receive European compliance certificate for good code of conduct lending practices. So before jumping in the ambitious plans for the year 2020 let’s take a look how did the last period look in numbers.

Capitalia unaudited interim financial statements for 2019

In the fourth quarter of 2019 Capitalia reported anual turnover of EUR 1.25 million and profit before tax of EUR 124 thousand. The results are good reflection of the result of our strategy shift that was implemented over the course of the last year and as a result of which the Company is concentrating on financing of larger businesses through co-financing with other investors.

Capitalia unaudited interim financial statements for Q3, 2019

In the third quarter of 2019 Capitalia reported turnover of EUR 956 thousand and profit of EUR 132 thousand. The results are good reflection of the result of our strategy shift that was implemented over the course of the last year and as a result of which the Company is concentrating on financing of larger businesses through co-financing with other investors.

Capitalia concludes a EUR 10 million agreement with European Investment Fund

Capitalia and the European Investment Fund (EIF) have signed an agreement on a guarantee instrument supporting small businesses in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, for a total amount of EUR 10 million. With this guarantee, small businesses will get better access to finance. The agreement is supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the heart of the Investment Plan for Europe, and by the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme

Capitalia has over EUR 3 million of loans to businesses

During the year 2015 Capitalia has issued over 3 million of loans to small and medium sized businesses in the Baltic States. The financing offered by the company was used by 237 companies. Average issued loan amount to one company was EUR 9 000 while average term was 12 months. Most business loans were issued to companies in retail and manufacturing industries. Notably, most of the clients have been companies from the regions.

AS Capitalia expands cooperation with marketplace platform Mintos

Investors are offered to invest in invoice backed short-term loans.

From today, February 4, marketplace platform Mintos will offer to its investors an opportunity to invest in AS Capitalia loans that are backed by issued but yet unpaid invoices. This enables to invest in invoices that small and medium sized companies have issued to largest enterprises in the Baltic States.

Capitalia starts financing small and medium sized businesses also in Estonia

Capitalia, represented in NASDAQ Riga stock exchange, is the leading alternative financing provider for small and medium enterprises in Latvia and Lithuania. It offers modern and simple loans to businesses that often are overlooked by the traditional banking sector. To date Capitalia has financed working capital and investment needs of more than 500 enterprises investing over EUR 12 million. From January 2016 company has obtained necessary permits and will start servicing clients also in Estonia.

Business loan availability in Latvia

Twice per year the Bank of Latvia conducts a commercial bank survey including research of demand for business loans. Most of the banks since year 2010 have reported increasing demand for the particular type of financing. The trend seems to be clear and evident as the Latvian economic situation has experienced solid growth that in turn stimulates the entrepreneurial optimism and the desire to invest in business development. However, according to the quarterly report of The Financial and Capital Market Commission, despite the increasing demand, the total commercial bank business loan portfolio is declining.

Juris Grišins continues to represent Capitalia in the board of Latvian Venture Capital Association

On 9 April 2013 the regular General Meeting of Latvian Venture Capital Association took place and the main issue on the agenda was reelection of the board.

With full support from other members, the representative of Capitalia Juris Grišins will continue to perform his duties of board for the next two years.

Our aim is to contribute and promote the development of venture capital and alternative investments (microloan and mezzanine) sector in Latvia. Furthermore we will continue to assist to the government institutions to identify flaws and develop according support program to avoid them.

During the General Meeting the board adopted Code of Professional Ethics and changed the name of the Association to Latvian Private and Venture Capital Association.

Capitalia presentation at the conference "Development challenges in Latvia 2020"

Capitalia manager Juris Grišins participated in the conference organized by Ministry of Economics representing Latvian Venture Capital Association and presenting overview on alternative financing issues in Latvia.

The presentation reviews the current situation and the future perspectives of business microlending, mezzanine and venture capital sectors. For entrepreneurs interested in business financing there is relevant information mentioned in the presentation about the alternative investment providers in Latvia. The main finding from the presentation says that the financing for businesses is still difficult to access and to stimulate the availability further and continuous government support is necessary.