Investor relations

This section is addressed towards bondholders of Capitalia. In our relationship management with investors Capitalia aims to follow corporate governance standards as recommended by NASDAQ Baltic stock exchange guidelines

Corporate governance:

Supervisory board of Capitalia has three council members from various professional backgrounds:

Mārtiņš Krūtainis
Chairman of the supervisory board
Andrejs Strods
Member of the supervisory board
Peeter Piho
Member of the supervisory board

The corporate governance practices of the company are detailed in our statutes and corporate governance report. Notices on the significant events are published in our News section of the website under category Investor relations.

Financial reports

Financial reports of Capitalia are prepared in guidance of international accounting standards. Annual reports are audited, while quarterly statements provide operational results:

3 months 6 months 9 months Annual
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Capitala has made the following closed and public bond issues:

Izdevējs Apmērs Tips Termiņš Atdeve Dokumenti
Capitalia EUR 3,000,000 Standard 25 okt, 2018 9% Bond prospectus
Capitalia EUR 500,000 Secured 25 okt, 2019 8% On request
Capitalia EUR 1,500,000 Standard 25 jūl, 2021 10% On request
Capitalia EUR 600,000 Secured 25 okt, 2022 7% On request

Investor relations

For any questions with regards to historic or potential future bond emissions of Capitalia, please contact:

Juris Grišins
Phone: +371 2880 0880