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Finance small and medium-sized companies along with Capitalia. Lending opportunities with annual returns of 6-18% with 2-month to 3-year investment terms. Easy diversification and risk management tools
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We offer a Risk management summary and we urge the investors to review our Terms & conditions that regulate our approach to co-financing, covering the operating principles, claim rights of investors, and other important issues.

What is co-financing?

Capitalia offers to lenders, private or legal entities, an opportunity to finance small and medium-sized companies along with Capitalia. In each of the funded projects, Capitalia will commit its own funds at a minimum of 5% of the total loan size (the average commitment is 11%), while ensuring evaluation, payment processing, monitoring, and collection processes on behalf of all investors. Find out more on how co-financing works in our Instruction manual section, while detailed historical performance data is available on the Statistics page.

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