How to obtain Tax residence certificate for Lithuanian investors

After logging in to VMI, you need to select Paslaugos then in the search field enter Pažyma dėl pripažinimo rezidentu dvigubo apmokestinimo išvengimo sutarties tikslais and pick the form. 

Continue pressing the green button Pildyti, then click Pridėti, pick country Latvia and year 2024. Continue ordering the form to your mailbox.

Certificate can be collected from tax office or by post to your home. Once you obtain the certificate please submit it to Note: In case your income from Capitalia exceeds EUR 5,000 you must submit the original of Certificate to our office or by post.

Tax Certificates will be valid until the end of January of next year. At the start of new year we will remind affected investors to obtain new Certificated and submit them to us.
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