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Finance small and medium-sized companies with the leading business lender in the Baltic States. Lending opportunities with annual returns of 8-18% with a 3 month to 3 year investment terms
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What is cofinancing?

Capitalia offers to lenders, private or legal entities, to jointly finance small and medium-sized companies. In each of the funded companies, Capitalia provides funding in the amount of 3-10% of the total loan size, ensures payment processing, monitoring, collection and other functions as necessary.

How to start cofinancing?

Each registered lender individually evaluates interest to finance a company, based on information provided by Capitalia. For the benefit of the doubt, Capitalia does not provide asset management services to the cofinancing investors.


Register as an investor in Capitalia’s homepage (at the moment invitation only)


Evaluate financials, risks, market and operation description of lending opportunities


Apply for cofinancing and transfer the loan amount


Receive interest income and principal from the financed company

For additional information on the principles of cofinancing we urge you to read our pages on Instruction manual, Terms of Use and Risk management.

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