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Finance and support small and medium sized businesses together with Capitalia. Lending opportunities with annual returns of 6-18% with 2-month to 3-year investment terms. Easy diversification and risk management tools
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Average interest rate

Profitable loans to businesses

Capitalia offers opportunities to lend to carefully selected companies in the Baltic countries.
Earn from regular interest payments.

Simple. Convenient. Without commissions

  • Investment per company from EUR 200
  • Investment and withdrawal without any fees
  • Opportunity for automatic portfolio building
  • Transparent reports, also for tax needs

Control investment risk and return

We assign risk score to each loan, based on our over 12 year long experience in credit risk evaluation. Lowest risk class A+ loans offer low probability of principal loss, while the highest risk class D offers higher interest rates. Choice is in your hands.

For diversification, we urge to build your loan portfolio so that it would have 20 investments or more. Good diversification allows to retain high return while lowering the probability of losses due to individual credit default cases. For more on benefits from diversification, please read here.

  • A+
    7.94% Average interest rate
  • A
    11.69% Average interest rate
  • B
    12.36% Average interest rate
  • C
    13.82% Average interest rate
  • D
    15.25% Average interest rate

How to start?


Register as an investor on our homepage. Complete AML and financial competency test


Evaluate lending opportunities, select individual projects, or setup auto-investment functions


Transfer the selected funding amount, receive investment confirmation and documentation


Receive interest income and principal repayments back directly to your bank account

We offer a Risk management summary and we urge the investors to review our Terms & conditions that regulate our approach to co-financing, covering the operating principles, claim rights of investors, and other important issues.

Co-investment from Capitalia

In each of the funded projects, Capitalia will commit its own funds at a minimum of 2.5% of the total loan size (the average commitment is 11%), while ensuring evaluation, payment processing, monitoring, and collection processes on behalf of all investors.

Find out more on how co-financing works in our Instruction manual section, while detailed historical performance data is available on the Statistics page.

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