Useful resources & links

Here are some links that we believe are useful for getting the most out of investment opportunities with Capitalia: 
  • Advised Account Service is our most premium account type & offers a passive and relaxed way to invest and earn from lending to Baltic businesses. 
  • Auto-invest ensures that you do not miss great opportunities. The tutorial for setting up is here
  • Sign up for our newsletters about available equity and venture capital club investment deals. 
  • Sign up for our newsletters about Baltic bonds. We share our views on current and upcoming bond issues. 
  • Resources for investors our collection of articles useful for investors. Materials include practical tips and tools for investing in stocks, bonds, gold, and (later) crypto. 
  • Statistics on the loans that have been co-financed with Capitalia. Data is renewed daily. 
  • Tutorials page covers account statement & tax report, the benefits of diversification, withholding tax for private investors, and more.
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