Secondary market

On the Secondary market, investors can find well performing loans for sale, where Capitalia invested a larger amount than our minimum commitment as indicated in each project's description. Please note that only loans that are on time with their payments and have not been restructured are offered on the secondary market and the seller is always only Capitalia. Bellow, we provide a more detailed explanation of how the secondary market works.

Secondary market projects are available on the general Investment opportunities page. They have a tag visible on the project picture "Secondary market". You can also use the filter "Secondary market" to see only projects available in it.


In order to make an investment the steps are the same - you have to open project page and enter wanted investment amount. Minimum investment per project in Secondary market is the same EUR 1,000 as in Primary market. Available amount is also shown above the amount entry field as usual.

Once you enter the wanted amount and click Finance, you will be taken to the confirmation page which shows a summary of the purchase: Investment amount (which is the principal that you purchase) and Accrued interest. Accrued interest is for the period from the last scheduled payment date of a loan until the day of purchase. This way selling investor receives his accrued interest to date and buying investor will get it covered with the next client payment. This method is the same as buying bonds.

Important to note! The total amount payable in the secondary market will be the investment amount + accrued interest. In the example below, it is a total of EUR 1,010.41.

Once you confirm the investment a Drawdown notice pdf will be emailed to you with the payment details. Here the same amounts will be presented - Investment into the loan as well as accrued interest to date, as shown in the example below.

Once your payment for a secondary market transaction will be received and processed you will see the loan in your loans list and can open up the project summary as shown in the example below. For the time being an individual schedule of secondary market purchase is not yet shown, we are working to finish this part. However, the repayments from clients are distributed based on owned share of a loan and are already working.

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