Microloan client Versse: Cooperation with Capitalia is open, simple and professional.

We are happy to have clients from various business sectors, who share their observations about our business financing products. We believe that it will be interesting and useful to our existing and future customers. 

Director of JSC Versse Kestutis notes that halfway through the year 2014 his company was looking for ways to increase working capital. Versse is carrying out various trainings, which are funded by the EU institutions or public funds. In order to successfully and efficiently carry out these trainings, it requires substantial capital cash flow for transportation, accommodation, catering and classroom rental costs. Thus they have instant expenses while they get paid only after implementation of the projects, and usually not in time.

"Current financial market environment is such, that if companies need to get some working capital (short-term needs of the project), the banks, as a traditional financial instrument mostly will not help. Bank gave a very clear answer to our company that loan amounts lower than EUR 30 000 are not worth the time for bank evaluation procedures. In fact, for such short term it is virtually imposible to get loan of 10-20 thousand EUR on the market" - says the director, adding: 

"Really big thanks to one of the banks, which gave us the advice to apply for Capitalia in solving our problems. Our experience is really short, I think 2 times is not an experience, but I feel confident evaluating other factors. First of all, it's a relatively straightforward and simple, and at the same time a professional approach to work.

Care and attention to the commitments, responsible approach, and available flexibility, which is strange enough for financial market. All that we, as customers, do not only feel but also receive."
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