Machinery leasing financing for forestry companies

After the long months of winter and rain, the arrival of warm weather also starts the active season for forestry companies. In order to work faster, numerous forestry companies purchase new and slightly used forestry machinery and trucks, but not all companies have enough funds to make the purchase.

Capitalia machinery leasing can be a useful tool to purchase the necessary equipment for the new season. With the help of Capitalia leasing, the company can immediately obtain its planned technical unit and save its own funds for working capital purposes. Capitalia provides leasing financing to purchase also used and specialized machinery.

Capitalia leasing is available for up to 36 months and the necessary collateral is the machinery itself. It is possible to finance up to 100% of the machinery value. Find out more how leasing financing can be useful for your company by calling to +372 881 0880 or writing to
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