How can you make others’ anxiety and financial cautiousness work in your company’s favour

The surrounding anxiety and suspense about the potentially upcoming crisis can quite easily initiate a stressful environment for any company. Fear of increasing invoice expenses, inflation, and the war nearby make the investors act more cautiously when planning next year’s budget and expansion plans. However, the probability of a crisis, if the company is well-prepared, is also an opportunity. There are numerous options for how a company can use additional financing to prepare for a more stable future.

The right time to buy out a competitor
A potential crisis for one is a growth opportunity for another. Perhaps this is the right time to buy out or merge with another competitor? By buying out another company, it is possible to acquire the competitor’s equipment, product/service features, and list of clients. The seller can feel satisfied because he has gotten rid of the crisis stress, but your company has realized its expansion dream. Capitalia buyout loan can be a useful tool for company buyouts since it provides part of the necessary funds for buy out and Capitalia helps to manage the selling process.

A larger purchase before another price increase
Due to inflation, lack of materials, and the ongoing war, prices continue to rise for many product and service groups. Unfortunately, even the most optimistic experts do not predict soon price decreases; therefore, it is an understandable counter-reaction to purchase extra spare goods for sale or equipment for the current price. Just to be on the safe side, get in touch with the manufacturer or the seller and find out, if the seller is not planning to raise the prices. In case you are hesitant to cover the whole purchasing price with the company’s funds, consider the possibility to finance part of the purchase with the help of Capitalia’s financing or leasing, or working capital loan.

Safety net for hard times
Cautiousness is a desirable trait and, if you are a businessman who believes that it is better to play it safe (have the money in the account rather than spent on a new machine), we are not planning to change your mind. However, during times when expenses grow surprisingly fast, additional working capital financing can be the necessary safety net to make the crisis seem less scary. With the help of a loan it is possible to increase the material or product amount before the price increase, and maintain the desired working capital buffer. Thanks to the personalization of payment schedules, it is possible to create a perfectly tailored repayment schedule for your business plans and cash flow.

Refinancing of more expensive loans
For safety purposes, credit institutions increasingly encourage companies to settle their remaining financial liabilities and reduce leverage. Full loan repayment often is not that easy to do; therefore, the companies choose to refinance to some less expensive financiers. If possible, the most convenient option is to refinance to a commercial bank, but thanks to the personalized repayment schedule and relatively low interest rates, Capitalia can also help reduce the liability burden. In addition, Capitalia offers help in attracting bank financing, that way helping the client find the most suitable solution among numerous capital providers.
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