Capitalia unaudited interim financial statements for Q1, 2019

In the first quarter of 2019 Capitalia reported turnover of EUR 296 thousand and profit of EUR 54 thousand. The results are good reflection of the result of our strategy shift that was implemented over the course of the last year and as a result of which the Company is concentrating on financing of larger businesses through co-financing with other investors.  

The first quarter of the year was very active and Capitalia financing businesses for the total amount of EUR 5.36 millions. Among the financed businesses during this period where, for example, such companies as AB Parks (entertainment parks), Banderi (food retail under Elvi franchize) and Auto Republika (car trade). Also Capitalia has conducted its next venture capital investment in property vizualisation technology developer Giraffe360. In the beginning of the year Capitalia and European Investment Fund have signed a EUR 10 million agreement on guarantee instrument for issuing loans to SMEs in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania over the course of the next 5 years. This guarantee will provide more accessible and cheaper financing to small businesses. We are proud that Capitalia is the first alternative financing company in the Baltics that has received rights to provide its clients with such a guarantee instrument. To foster access to alternative financing, Capitalia has also launched a new interactive tool that helps businesses to find the most suitable loan or equity provider based on the stage and goals of each company.

During the second quarter of the year we expect to focus on the growth of financing portfolio, including, evaluating a number of venture capital investments.

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