Capitalia provides venture capital investments to a gamification marketing company

Capitalia invests EUR 150,000 in a Danish start-up Scratcher together with a Finnish venture capital fund Innovestor. is a marketing company, which uses gamification elements to turn the industry upside down.

In recent years, the so-called gamification marketing has graduated from being a niche technology to being an increasingly important part of companies' sales and marketing toolbox for lead generation as well as customer loyalty and engagement. One of the leading companies in gamification marketing in the Nordics is the Danish company Scratcher. It already has customers in over 15 European markets and is now ready to take on and conquer even more of the World.

The CEO and Co-founder Casper Christiansen says that:

"It is Scratcher's goal to become a leader on a global level, and we must achieve this by showing companies that gamification marketing is more than fun and games. On the contrary, it has the potential to be the best digital and strategic tool available to ensure top results possible. We have just scratched the surface of what the technology can do and contribute in relation to data-based customer engagement and campaign performance”.

Scratcher’s financing round was led by Finnish Venture Capital firm Innovestor and together with a consortium of Baltic co-investors and Capitalia, EUR 1.2 million was invested in the company.

“We established our Co-investment Fund to participate in the development of the Baltic start-up environment. But, with both VCs and entrepreneurs that we are working with, we are expanding beyond our initial geographical base. Scratcher, a Denmark-based start-up with a subsidiary in Lithuania, is a perfect example of this trend. It is great to see knowledge and experience transfer from both the company’s founders and big international venture capital funds to the Baltics.” says Juris Grišins, manager of Capitalia.

It is the belief in the team’s own abilities and the global potential of the platform that motivated the lead investor to invest, and Scratcher’s innovation is on its way to change the performance limits of digital marketing, adds Innovestor’s Group Chair Tommi Äijälä.

About Capitalia
Capitalia Co-Investment Fund is the daughter company of the leading alternative financing provider Capitalia. Since its foundation at the end of 2021, the fund has already provided venture capital to 7 fast-growing European startups. Capitalia has also financed working capital and capital investments for more than 5,000 companies, investing more than EUR 100 million in their development.
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