Capitalia microloan advantages or a couple of reasons why to choose Capitalia financing

Capitalia financing is a good option for companies to whom traditional business loans are not available or suitable. The traditional business loan availability might depend on various aspects of the company– length of operating history, industry, financial parameters etc. The suitability is in most cases the choice of the company, thus it is particularly important to know the advantages of various financing products available at the market.

Here you can find a short comparison of Capitalia microloan and traditional business loan:

Capitalia microloan
Traditional business loan *
 Basic documentation, all information exchange electronically  Application Requirements  Additional documentation to be prepared
 Short online application form and a telephone interview  Application Process  Detailed application form online and a consultation at Customer Service Unit
 One to five working days  Time to Decision  A week or longer
 Solutions available for non-standard loan terms and conditions, early repayment wthout penalties  Flexibility  Standard solutions available, early repayment charge applies
 Available for companies with short operating history and small or illiquid collateral  Availability  Available for companies with minimum two year operating history, strict collateral requirements
 Direct communication wit the Loan Manager  Customer Service  Call center and contact form based customer service

* Comparisons have been obtained through publicly available sources and individual terms of some business loan providers might be different than stated above.
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