Capitalia launches the first bond fund in Latvia

Continuing to expand cost-efficient investment opportunities in the Baltics, Capitalia has launched the first bond fund in Latvia that invests in bonds of Baltic companies. The target return of the fund is 8-10% annually. Investment in this fund enables private investors to purchase securities that were unavailable due to the price and the investment amount.

The minimum investment amount in the Capitalia bond fund is EUR 25,000. By investing, the investor acquires professionally evaluated and managed diversified Baltic companies ‘ securities portfolio. Capitalia has more than 12 years of experience in business lending, financing more than 5,000 businesses, that way it has mastered its competency to analyze company credit risks.

Taking into account the overall financial markets drop, this is a suitable time to start investing in order to acquire securities for a good price. It is expected that the fund will make its first investments in November 2022, gradually increasing its investment amount over the upcoming years.

In addition to the Baltic bond fund, Capitalia manages its venture capital fund, provides investment consultations to investors and offers financing to small and medium companies through its investment platform.
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