Capitalia Financial Statement Release Capitalia unaudited interim consolidated financial statements for year 2017

On operating results

In 2017 Capitalia reported total revenues of EUR 1,197 thousand, which is an increase by 30% compared to the year 2016. In the current period we achieved profit of EUR 36 thousand that more than covers losses of the previous financial year. We have managed to achieve a solid growth in the loan portfolio with total amount of EUR 4,881 thousand as of the end of the reporting year. 

On key events

During year 2017 we have made significant improvement in organization management, updated and improved our operating procedures as well as successfully finished establishment of investment manager team in Estonia. Also, in the fall of year 2017 we have launched publicly our co-financing platform through which we allow investors to invest in the Baltic companies along with us. In the first two months since the launch of the platform we have already financed 6 companies for the total amount in excess of EUR 500 thousand.   

On plans for the next quarter

In the following quarter Capitalia will concentrate on growth of the investment portfolio, particularly in Estonia. Also we will strongly focus on bringing in more financing projects though our co-financing platform   


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