Capitalia finances an apartment building construction in Valmiera region

With the constantly increasing material costs, construction companies and real estate developers are interested in finishing their projects sooner for lower costs. Sometimes the process can be sped up with additional financing.
MNĪP, SIA, is a real estate developer and management company. In the beginning of 2022, the company started constructing an apartment bulding in Mūrmuiža village nearby Valmiera. As Valmiera is gradually expanding outside city borders and Mūrmuiža is approximately 10 kilometers away from the city, the village has the potential to become a significant residential place. Already now Mūrmuiža is the place of residence for families thanks to its closeness to the city and calm environment. With the help of Capitalia real estate development loan, the company was able to speed up the construction process and save on the increasing material costs.
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