Capitalia expands financing product portfolio and introduces factoring.

Capitalia offers new business financing product - factoring. It is a financial transaction based on invoices that are pledged as collateral. It is a widely used type of loan among wholesalers and manufacturers, and now it is available also to small and medium companies that cannot apply for bank financing.
Like other Capitalia financing products factoring has convenient and fast evaluation procedure and after the factoring agreement is signed it takes only one working day to receive payments for your invoices. Capitalia factoring can be up to 100% of the invoice value and is available for accounts receivable from partners operating in Latvia and Lithuania.
Capitalia loan manager Elana Novikova explains main benefits of the product: “Factoring improves company cash flow and facilitates financial planning. The invoices are pledged as collateral and additional pledge is required only on certain circumstances.”
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