Capitalia Co-Investment Fund invests in a Lithuanian startup Aispeco

Capitalia invests EUR 150,000 in a Lithuanian startup Aispeco in its seed financing round led by a Finnish venture capital fund Superhero Capital.

AISPECO is a Lithuanian company, which provides geospatial monitoring systems for helicopters, planes, UAVs, and terrestrial vehicles. The company has developed a versatile platform where its operator can combine multiple different sensors (cameras, LiDAR scanners, etc.) depending on the monitoring parameters and the object’s specifics. Currently, AISPECO’s product is used by power line operators like Elia group, Manitoba Hydro, Geodigital, and others. The aim of this financing round is to enter new markets and expand horizontally in different industries, for example, railway and gas pipeline inspections.

“This is our first cooperation with a venture capital fund outside the Baltics. The interest from foreign venture capital funds regarding possibilities to invest in the Baltic companies is on the rise, and it is a nice indicator that the market is active and more foreign investments can be expected soon.” Capitalia’s Juris Grišins shares his experience.

In total, Aispeco attracted a little over EUR 1 million in this financing round from the lead investor Superhero capital, 70Ventures, and Capitalia.

This is the seventh investment that Capitalia Co-investment Fund has made since its foundation at the end of 2021. Therefore, investment in Aispeco was preceded by successful investments in Aerones, Bolt, Cenos, Favro, Inzmo, and Scratcher. In order to continue supporting fast-growing European startups, Capitalia Co-Investment Fund is actively fundraising and attracting more investors with a minimum investment amount of EUR 25,000.

About Capitalia
Capitalia Co-Investment Fund is the daughter company of the leading alternative financing provider Capitalia. Since its foundation at the end of 2021, the fund has already provided venture capital to 7 fast-growing European startups. Capitalia has also financed working capital and capital investments for more than 5,000 companies, investing more than 100 million euros in their development.
About Superhero capital
Superhero Capital started operating in 2015 and it is an early-stage venture capital fund that focuses on backing founders in Finland and the Baltics. They are now making investments from their 2nd EUR 40 million fund. To date, Superhero has made investments in Leadfeeder, Flowplayer,, Cloud Factory, and many other startups. 
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