Capitalia becomes the first Latvian fund that has invested in Estonian unicorn Bolt

In May 2022, Capitalia investment fund Co-Investment Fund purchased shares of Estonian unicorn Bolt in the total amount of EUR 300,000, that way becoming the first fund in Latvia to invest in this company. 
In this transaction, one of the first business angels that had invested in Bolt wanted to sell part of the owned shares. Together with one of Estonia’s leading venture capital funds Specialist VC, Capitalia purchased Bolt shares from this business angel. Capitalia-managed fund’s investment amount was EUR 300,000.
Increasingly more initial startup investors seek options to partially realize and diversify their investment. That consequently gives an opportunity to other investors, such as our fund, to invest in already established and well-known startups. I believe that the number of such deals in the upcoming years will significantly increase, and it will only benefit the startup financing ecosystem in the Baltics,” comments Capitalia manager Juris Grišins.
With this deal, Capitalia has become the first Latvia-registered fund, which has made an investment in the Estonian unicorn Bolt. Unicorns are companies, which have reached the value of at least USD 1 billion. Bolt earned this status already in 2019, becoming the fourth unicorn in Estonia. Investment in Bolt is Capitalia fund’s fifth investment since the foundation in September 2021.
Capitalia Co-Investment Fund is a passive strategy venture capital fund. Its target investors are private investors who are offered simple, low-cost investment instruments for investing in companies with large growth potential. Currently, the fund is actively seeking new investment opportunities and attracts financing from qualified private investors in the amount starting from EUR 25,000.
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