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Capitalia finances an apartment building construction in Valmiera region

With the constantly increasing material costs, construction companies and real estate developers are interested in finishing their projects sooner for lower costs. Sometimes the process can be sped up with additional financing.

Forestry and logging industries seek financing – how can private investors access these investment opportunities?

Turbulent economic events tend to highlight the most stable industries which most successfully survive economic fluctuations. In the last two years, it can be seen that forestry is a stable value – it is an attractive industry both for the lenders and investors.

How to prepare for changing market conditions

During recent years, the business environment has experienced various disruptions, where the difficulties caused by the pandemic are shifted into rapid energy and material price increases. Changing market conditions require careful planning and preventive actions in order to mitigate potential negative impacts. Although it is impossible to predict the future, there are numerous actions the entrepreneur can take to adapt to the changes in the business environment.

How to mitigate risks on accounts receivable?

During the last few months with the geographically close war activities and price increases, companies ofter find themselves in financial difficulties which cause payment delays. Before starting cooperation with a new business partner, it is important to verify that the client will pay on time. How to avoid potentially late debtors?

Investing in loans to Baltic businesses

Lately, the pandemic’s negative economic aftermath of inflation has become increasingly relevant. For example, in December 2021, inflation in Latvia reached a record-high level of 7.9%. It is important that, under the circumstances when cash swiftly loses its value, it works, not sits in the deposit or savings account. Money can work proactively either by investing in companies (purchasing shares) or lending to the companies.

Why is it worth investing in Baltic Stock Exchange?

Until March 2020, my investing experience was concentrated in index instruments (ETFs) or in rare experiments in foreign shares. During the pandemic, I decided to pay more attention to what is happening in the Baltic Stock Exchange. Similarly to other investors I know, I was buried in prejudice that our stock exchange is illiquid and that it does not have many well-managed enterprises. However, that is not the case. Therefore, how and why invest in the Baltic Stock Exchange securities?