Certified and independent business valuation experts

Based on the experience of preparing over hundred valuations of businesses in various industries and countries, Capitalia offers professional, independent and quick company valuation service
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Our advantages


Locally and internationally certified valuation experts

Significant track record

We have valued more than 100 companies in various industries

Unique experience

We are the only valuators that regularly finance and acquire businesses

Uses of the evaluation

We have valued more than hundred businesses in various countries and industries. The following are the most common uses of our evaluations:

Business sale

Our business valuation report allows owners to better understand the value of their business before starting company sales process

Changes in ownership

Estimate of the fair business value is necessary if some of the shareholders desire to sell or buy-out other owners

Property contribution

Our valuations can be used to re-evaluate equity capital of a business or to invest equity in other business as property contribution

Court procedures

Sometimes business valuation can help in legal disputes, for example, in divorce settlements

Valuation services

Valuation report

Capitalia develops a detailed company valuation report, by employing at least two different valuation methods. Based on the historical data and our analysis, we make forecasts about the operations of the company for up to 5 years in the future. Valuation report contains detailed description of the applied methodology as well as assumptions, description of operations, financial analysis and forecasts. Valuation report is prepared in 10 working days since reception of the necessary information from the client.
from EUR 5000 + VAT

Express valuation

Express valuation is very useful when it is necessary to estimate the value of the company quickly. Capitalia determines the business value by employing the multiples valuation method. We analyze the historical financial data of the company and gather information about how similar companies are traded on public stock exchanges. Express valuation report contains brief description on the company, economic analysis, financial analysis and description of applied methodology. Express valuation report is prepared in 3 working days.
EUR 1000 + VAT

Track record

Capitalia has prepared more than 100 business valuation reports. Here are examples of some of our cases:

Valuation of one of the largest construction companies in Latvia
Amrita Hotel
Financial advisory and valuation of a hotel operator in Liepāja
Rietumu Banka
Business valuation of one of the largest commercial banks in Latvia
Līvānu kūdras fabrika
Valuation report on peat factory for submission in enterprise registry in Germany
Valuation of an agricultural company
Business valuation of the largest local chemical products manufacturer

Professional business advice

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