Invest and start earning today

Finance businesses and earn annual returns from 12%

Why to invest with us?

Co-invest with the leading business lender in the Baltic States


No virtual accounts, non-transparent auto investment algorithms or complicated multi-level agreements


We are not just crowdfunding platform. We co-invest in every project to align interests with investors


Capitalia has over 10 year experience in financing small and medium sized businesses with 1000+ financed companies

What kind of investments are available on

Loans to small and medium companies in the Baltic States up to EUR 1,000,000

Since 2007 Capitalia has developed as specialist in SME financing of businesses in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. With over EUR 20m invested through venture capital, debt and mezzanine instruments we have provided financing to companies for whom bank financing was unattainable or not sufficient. Through our crowdfunding platform we offer any investor to co-invest with us and support growth of SMEs in this region.

How does it work?

A simple and effective approach to crowdfunding


Evaluate various investment opportunities for offer on our platform


Pick the company that you would like to co-finance and choose the desired investment amount


Make bank transfer for the investment amount


When the total investment amount is collected, company is financed and investors start earning
Get started with investment from EUR 1,000
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