Workforce rental company

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The Company, since establishment in 2010, has been providing workforce rental to Finland. The main clients are well known Finnish manufacturing and construction companies with over 20-year work experience. Due to an increased number of employees and job opportunities with Finnish partner companies the Company is looking for additional financing of EUR 62,000 for 6 months period in order to pay salaries for newly employed workers and cover other costs before receiving final payments from partners. Investors are offered 15% annual (1.25% monthly) interest with first month only interest and remaining 5 months with a monthly amortization schedule. The loan is secured with a personal guarantee from the owner of the Company.

There is a number of factors that make lending to the Company an attractive opportunity and the main highlights are the following:
  • The Company has been operating for 9 years and has been profitable since the establishment;
  • The Company has excellent long-term partnerships with key clients for multiple years;
  • The Company has no significant financial debt;
  • The Company has been audited every year since 2012;
  • The loan is secured with a personal guarantee from the manager.
ID 6165-2016-3
Industry Employment activities
Location Estonia
Loan type Standard
Term 6 months
Expected return 15%
Interest rate Monthly
Amortisation From 2nd month
Risk grade B (84 out of 100)
Personal warranty Board member
Collateral No
Capitalia's cofinancing 2400
Target amount 62000