Seasoned fishing and fish processing business

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The company has acquired extensive experience in the fishery industry since the business establishment in 1995. The owner himself is a fisherman in the fifth generation and his business is continuing the family traditions started by his ancestors. The business has successfully attracted EU financing many times to finish various development projects of the port and their internal expansion. The company has been allocated with 1500 tons of fish to catch while another 1000 tons are typically bought from fishermen that do not reach their quotas limit. As the fishery is a seasonal business with the season being active from October until May, there is an additional working capital need during the off-season. Currently, the Company is looking for financing of EUR 31,050 for 12 month period to fix the ships until the start of the season, make payments to suppliers, taxes salaries during the off-season. Investors are offered 15% annual (1.25% monthly) interest with monthly interest payments and two bullet payments to cover principal amortization. Just recently, the company paid off EUR 15,000 bullet loan for 6 month term without any delays.

There is a number of factors that make lending to the Company an attractive opportunity and the main highlights are the following:
  • The management has almost 25-year long experience in the fishery industry;
  • Personal warranty from the owner and related fisherman union;
  • Many long-term clients have made regular bulk purchases for many years;
  • Excellent previous payment discipline with a loan from Capitalia. 
ID 11412-2018-2
Industry Fishing and fish processing
Location Latvia
Loan type Bullet
Term 12 months
Expected return 15.00%
Interest rate Monthly
Amortisation In two equal principal payments
Risk grade C (79 out of 100)
Personal warranty Yes, 2
Collateral No
Capitalia's cofinancing 6300
Target amount 31050
Successfully funded