High-quality food supplements and cosmetics products company (II)

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The Company, established in 2013, is engaged in the wholesale trade of high-quality food supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices. All products are developed, branded and marketed by the Company and are sold in all major pharmacy chains as well as some retail chains. The Company is seeking additional financing of EUR 52,000 for an 18-month period in order to manufacture and prepare products for export to Germany. The loan is secured with a secondary inventory pledge and two personal warranties from the business owner and the manager. The first pledge is registered on active loan with EUR 89,000 principal issued by Capitalia. Investors are offered a 14.4% annual (1.2% monthly) interest with a monthly amortization schedule. The Company has excellent previous payment discipline with Capitalia and has repaid over EUR 90,000 loans as well as successfully used over EUR 1 million of invoice financing service.


There is a number of factors that make lending to the Company an attractive opportunity and the main highlights are the following:

  • The management has 6-year experience in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • The Company has a track record of growth and profitability;
  • The loan is secured with personal warranties from two key managers;
  • Excellent previous payment discipline with EUR 90,000 repaid loans and EUR 1,000,000 used invoice financing from Capitalia;
  • Product export is expected to further boost the growth of sales.
ID 3549-2015-11
Industry Wholesale
Location Lithuania
Loan type Standard
Term 18 months
Expected return 14.40%
Interest rate Monthly
Amortisation Monthly
Risk grade A (93 out of 100)
Personal warranty Two key managers
Collateral Inventory
Capitalia's cofinancing 3000
Target amount 52000
Successfully funded