Expansion financing for a railway construction and maintenance company

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Established in 2017, the Company provides railway construction and maintenance services in Estonia and Finland. The Company usually works as a subcontractor to other larger companies which perform the railway construction works. Recently the Company has hired additional worker brigades and it is necessary to equip the employees with new equipment. In order to purchase the necessary equipment, the Company is seeking EUR 31,220 for a 12 month period. The loan will carry a 13.80% annual interest rate (1.15% monthly) and it will be amortised monthly. The loan is secured with a personal guarantee from the owner. 

The Company is a repeated client of Capitalia and it has successfully repaid a loan in the amount of EUR 21,700. 

There is a number of factors that make investment in the Company an attractive opportunity and the main highlights are the following:
  • The Company is a repeated client of Capitalia with an excellent payment discipline, having repaid a loan of EUR 21,700 on time.
  • The loan is secured with a personal guarantee of the owner.
  • The Company has been awarded the Strongest in Estonia 2020 certificate, indicating that the Company operates fair and secure business.
  • The Company has a significant net profit margin of 21%.
  • The Company has a strong equity-to-assets ratio of 67%.
ID 14337-2-EE
Industry Construction
Location Estonia
Loan type Business loan
Term 12 months
Expected return 13.80%
Interest rate Monthly
Amortisation Monthly
Risk grade C (73 out of 100)
Personal warranty From owner
Collateral None
Capitalia's cofinancing 3220
Target amount 31220
Successfully funded