Boats supplier and service provider

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The Company was established in 2005 and has grown to become one of the most largest water transport retailers in Latvia. The Company does retail trade of boats, including new and used ones, as well as asle of related equipment and accessories. In addition they provide winter storage and full range of repair works. Currently, the Company is seeking financing in the amount of EUR 61,600 for 4 month-period to execute a customer order of an expensive sea cutter. It is important to note that the agreement with the final buyer has already been signed and down payment for cutter has been made. Investors are offered 15% annual (1.25% monthly) interest with monthly interest payments and principal payment at the end of the term.

There is a number of factors that make lending to the Company an attractive opportunity and the main highlights are the following:
  • The Company has 10 years track record of successful operations;
  • Personal warranties are provided by both managers/owners;
  • The loan is secured with a commercial pledge on the Company's assets;
  • The source of loan repayment is clear and reliable.
ID 11464-2018-1
Industry Retail sales
Location Latvia
Loan type Bullet
Term 4 months
Expected return 15%
Interest rate Monthly
Amortisation At the end of the term
Risk grade C (70 out of 100)
Personal warranty Both managers/shareholders
Collateral Commercial pledge on Company's assets
Capitalia's cofinancing 3600
Target amount 61600
Successfully funded