Angus cattle breeding company in Lithuania

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The Company, which was established in 2016, is engaged in cattle breeding activities. The Company owns a farm complex in Ma┼żeikiai district and currently has 62 Angus cattle. Recently Company’s application under rural development program was approved and the Company will receive a subsidy to acquire 60 additional cattle. Therefore, the Company is currently looking for financing of EUR 41,600 for 24 months period in order to buy animal feed, bedding, expand barn and cover other related expenses. The loan is secured with a pledge of tractor and semi-trailer as well as a personal guarantee. Lenders are offered 15% annual (1.25% monthly) interest rate with a monthly amortization schedule.

There is a number of factors that make lending to the Company an attractive opportunity and the main highlights are the following:
  • The loan is secured with a pledge of tractor and semi-trailer worth EUR 64,200 and a personal guarantee;
  • The Company receives State support for farmers;
  • The Company has significant equity capital.
ID 11750-2019-2
Industry Animal production
Location Lithuania
Loan type Standard
Term 24 months
Expected return 15%
Interest rate Monthly
Amortisation Monthly
Risk grade B (80 out of 100)
Personal warranty Yes
Collateral Pledge of tractor and semi-trailer worth EUR 64,200
Capitalia's cofinancing 2600
Target amount 41600
Successfully funded